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My incision CDI.

My incision CDI.

Left arm. IV infiltration

Left arm. IV infiltration

May 24, 2013


OK, for this one I am resting. It is your turn doctors, nurses, and ancillary personal to get your workout….

Overall above average completion. Thank you to Dr. Parney and his team at Mayo Clinic who spent their day looking inside my head. To the nurses and staff on 8 Mary Brigh and 9 Mary Brigh who were awesome despite my IV infiltration. One note to PACU it is not fun to wake up and be in pain and not be able to breathe.

Great work! And I can still move all my extremities.

St. Marys

Last Day

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Miricles and dreams

So it is finally here. Tomorrow is the day where I have my head cracked open and have someone stare at it for hours.  Not to mention 100 tubes hanging from my body. Yesterday was my last day of swim coaching, CrossFit, and work I will make this short because I have too much to do today. Like clean house, do dishes, pre-op visit, last meal, and mow the lawn. Reminder, I ask that no one visits me in the hospital! I hope to be home next week you visit me then.

MP_obstaclesI finally met with my assigned neuro-surgeon today. It looks like I have to wait another 3 weeks til surgery. And of course the week before Memorial Day.  That is too long when you know that something is growing inside your head. I am sure; if I lived outside of Rochester I would get in sooner. He stated my tumor is likely a grade II glioma with possibly part grade III. I must be at the hospital at 5:30 AM.  My surgery will be 7 hours long and use the MRI surgical suite. Since my tumor is next to the motor strip it will involve motor mapping technique.   I am not too happy about the risk of permanent right sided weakness. 6 weeks for sure with no lifting greater than 10 pounds. No CrossFit. Permanent titanium metal placed in my skull. At least I get to keep part of my hair. At least one day in ICU.  Again, Mayo, not too happy about the wait. Let’s get it over with.

100% given at 5K today

100% given at 5K today

Got off work and went to a 5K race in town called the Spring Fling. It was an all women race for ovarian cancer. My first 5K of the year and I admit I have not had that many runs this year. My longest being 3 miles of the 8 or so run workouts. My strategy was run the first mile hard to get a mile time and then hang on for the remainder. Got the best mile, 2 mile and 5K time since 2006. Love the 5K because it is short yet still has strategy. Slept, and woke up with the worst headache. I did not want to go to work but I had to. Headaches suck, especially if you know it is from a brain tumor.



Tired today as I had been up for more than 24 hours again after working last night at the SNF and only a few hours of sleep the day before. Officiated 2 youth rec soccer games this morning. Got to enjoy some sun and warm weather. Little do these kids or parents know that I have something growing inside my head. Finally got my new seizure drugs from the pharmacy. Still upset that it took Mayo Clinic 22 days to get the results of my MRI to me. Mayo should be better than that.