June 24-28, 2013: Miles (treatments) 5-9

Posted: July 10, 2013 in Brain Tumor, CrossFit, Mayo Clinic
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rochester fest

Mom and I in disguise at Rochesterfest

Note to self

Note to self

This week I continued to press on. Friday, prior to Rochesterfest, I guy came up to me in radiation from cancer research. He had wanted my permission to donate my tumor to research for genetic testing. No question, of course, so I signed the necessary paperwork. Soon my brain will be sitting in a lab somewhere in the world. My daily WOD includes 45 minute walks at the Rochester Athletic Club with some light weights. One day I did go to Empower class but was stuck using the 9# bar the whole time.  Friday, I walked in a 1 mile race before the Rochesterfest parade then walked in the parade but was exhausted at the end. Unfortunately, I do not think I burned enough calories during these WODS to make up for the corndog, funnel cake, brat, and onion rings that I had at Rochesterfest over the week.  The people at Charlton Desk-R where I get my radiation treatments now know me by name. I do not know if that is a good or bad thing or if it comes with the territory. My blood tests are still relatively stable but the headaches continue.

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