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Survivorship and the CrossFit Games Open

This post talks about my experience in the first two weeks of the CrossFit Games Open, recent MRI results, training, the weather, and competition plans for 2014.

BT_cancer survivor


My MRI last Friday, March 7 confirmed that I continue in survivorship. The MRI appeared better than the last one and to celebrate I completed WOD 14.2 of the CrossFit Games Open with a score of 10 reps overhead squats at 65#. Double-under jump rope got me on the first WOD of the open, 14.1. Double-unders involve two rotations of the jump rope under your feet for each jump. I only got 7reps, but going into the workout I thought, will I get at least 1, will my Open be over in the first WOD? I gave up on double- unders last  Fall. Here is the link to my CrossFit Games Open Profile

Almost to the top

Almost to the top



Maybe a pull-up?

Maybe a pull-up?

My training continues to improve despite the awful weather and road conditions. Yes, the cold weather and snow have made it difficult to get to the gym to get any training done. Yes it may look beautiful, but it is darn cold and I am not going to slip on the ice with only screws and plates holding a piece of my skull in place.

Nice Winter's Day Walk Cascade Creek 2014

Nice Winter’s Day Walk Cascade Creek 2014

In addition, I have decided on a tentative competition schedule for 2014. On March 1, I competed in the Minnesota Power Pull and got 1st place (well out of 2) in the Women’s Masters Division. My time, although not a post 30 y/o PR, was in the upper percentile of all female competitors even with little specific rowing training.


MN Powerpull 1st place medal

My next big competition is the Minnesota Local Weightlifting Club Championship on March 22. Even though I have been weightlifting about twice a week, I think I have hit a plateau and my weights have not increased for several months. Although despite not increasing weights, my form is improving with continued training. It does get upsetting when everyone else improves except you. Yes, they work hard to improve but I do too. I will take a hiatus from CrossFit at the end of March to train for endurance events like my marathon and triathlons. The only thing that is improving is my running. I am running faster and longer.  I cannot wait to get outside and go running along Cascade Creek on the bike trail just a few blocks from my house. This were I spent much of my time in the early 2000’s.


Other bits of life include finishing my soccer refereeing, working on my naturopathic degrees, trying to apply to PhD school, applying to other better jobs, coaching swimming, volunteering at the hospital, working at my nursing job, and getting my wellness business, Winning Wellness Solutions, on track.  Overall, I am keeping busy and keeping a positive outlook. I am going to just keep moving ahead and not look back.