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CF_open2014I am still determined. Wow, I have been so busy training and living life that I have not posted for quite a while. So much has happened that has been positive in the last several months. By now I do not even feel like I am in remission from brain cancer. The only things I notice is that my incision hurts every once in a while, I have a scar, my hair is shorter on the front of the left side of my head, and my occasional severe migraine. Thankfully, I think my planter fasciitis that I have been dealing with since last fall has calmed down in my R foot so that I can start running and being active. I started a new job last week as a nurse at one of the best retirement living communities around. Recently I discovered a miracle juice called XanGo that helps fight cancer and reduces inflammation. It’s effects are currently being studied by Mayo Clinic. I hope it works to calm down my migraines and incisional pains from my brain cancer treatment. I already feel better with only a few days on the juice. You can contact me for more information and to order this amazing juice.

I have started working with a personal trainer and dietician to get my weight down and work on my diet. This is the biggest challenge for me. I know what I need to eat and avoid but actually doing it has been a challenge. My diet is slowly improving although I have yet to lose any weight.


After several months off from CrossFit, I decided to sign up for this year’s CrossFit Open. I am excited because they will have scaled options this year. After not posting a score for the last workout of the 2014 Open. This year, I want to post scores for all workouts. The scaling options should help. I had originally signed up to compete as a member of a new CrossFit gym in town but just changed my plans to compete with my former gym. This open will be exciting because they are making it big with an event called “Friday Night Lights.” Stay tuned for new and exciting posts.