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I  have not written an entry for a while. I have not had a significant workout since my last entry. That is if you do not count my four hour of referring soccer last Saturday or several games in the past two weeks, 10 minute rides to satisfy my Whole Life Challenge (WLC) requirement, tennis lessons, or running around at work . Yesterday September 19 was my first time at CrossFit in a few weeks. No I did not do the WOD, but went to weightlifting skills class to prepare for my weightlifting meet the Minnesota Open on October 12, 2013. The meet is being held at my home gym CrossFit Progression. Prior to lifting, I rowed for 15 minutes. In addition, I had a 30 minute tennis lesson at 1 PM where I did pretty poor, maybe OK for my 3rd day of tennis.
The WLC challenge has been difficult. I have little energy or motivation to prepare meals. So I have eaten little. Not to mention my craving for Dr. Pepper to settle my stomach. Last week’s chemo cycle was challenging. I went to work several days with nausea. Zofran only took the edge off. Since I work night shift as a nurse I would take my chemo in the morning. Fatigue was also present and I literally could not go for more than 10 minutes without yawning. Still cannot take my Spark energy drink, which is much needed due to little antioxidants on chemo. Unable to work out at the gym, I have been using my stationary bike at home to get a 10 minute workout in then followed by stretching and foam roller. The only thing I have had the energy to do is come home, sit in front of my computer and go on FB or check emails. I notice the effects from the Decadron steroid have worn off, in that I have less energy.


 I also wanted to include in this post that there is a very special event happening in Rochester on Saturday October 5, 2013 at RCTC. It is the Brains Together for a Cure walk to raise awareness and funds for brain tumor research at Mayo Clinic. If you would like to walk, donate money or goods for the silent auction please go to Also, if you own a business or know of a business who would like to donate goods for a silent auction let me know or go to the above website. I am hoping the coming week is better and my blood counts from today’s test remain normal.

what a pain!

What a pain!

This morning I woke up at 5 am with another awful headache but this time it was on the right side. I thought, did I overdo it yesterday? Took caffeine, decongestant, Tylenol, and Oxycodone nothing relieved it. Nausea and dry heaves were present. Ginger EO did only lessened them. I give up!
Went back to bed and that is where I remained the majority of the day except for the home improvement guy coming over. I thought he was coming over at 10 AM but he came at 9 AM to fix my storm door and roof. He found that my roof had a dip and I needed my frame repaired. He opened up my attic and it began to snow insulation. The contractors that had done my insulation had not placed boards and a tent over my attic door. More problems. Luckily the work has a warranty.  What a pain!
Trying to get my chemo medication is another pain. I spent over ½ hour on the phone trying to figure how much it will cost and how to get it. Finally I hung up because my headache was so bad. What a pain!
The headache just kept getting worse the only thing that made it better was my Young Living essential oil Deep Relief blend that I use on my sore spots after a workout. Maybe I had increased intracranial pressure (ICP). Maybe I needed steroids like Decadron. The pain was so bad I began crying after 1 hour of crying and no resolve. I had my mother call my NO my NO’s nurse told me to call the surgeon and the surgeon’s nurse told me to go to the ER. There was no way in hell that I was going to wait in the ER in this much pain. I’d rather die. I knew to get over this I had to sleep. So I took a concoction of medications, AdovCare Sleep works (includes melatonin and 5 HT-P), and rolled on some Young Living Ruta Vala blend which includes lavender. The rest is history. I woke up at 3 AM the next morning with only a slight headache.

paleo pyramidIt is Monday time to go back to “work” in my current job as a cancer patient. This morning, I had my visit with my radiation oncologist. I left home but I wanted to have coffee on my way to the appointment. When I got tot desk “R” I was in luck. A Mayo volunteer came over and asked if I wanted coffee or juice. I said, “yes”. Before I got my coffee I was called back to my appointment but the medical assistant waited until I got my coffee. As I sipped on my coffee, the doctor and I discussed risk and benefits of radiation. I have to wait 3 weeks after my surgery to begin radiation for head to heal better. He told me that I would have 33 radiation treatments over 6.5 weeks. These treatments would start June 17. Radiation would cause hair loss on my head in the front on my left side and possibly the opposite side where the radiation would exit. We talked about the medication study that I would be possibly entering. My simulation appointment would be tomorrow and I would meet with the radiation oncology social worker to discuss “social issues.”

After my appointment with the, radiation oncologist I attended a class about nutrition during cancer treatment. I will have to stop taking certain supplements and vitamins because they will interfere with the action of chemo. Those substances include mainly extra antioxidants. The instructor, a Mayo Clinic dietitian, had a whole slide committed to sugar and cancer. This slide stated that sugar does not cause cancer growth. No studies have supported any side of the argument so I still plan to maintain a low carb, semi-paleo diet (see above plaeo pyramid) during treatment and have my AdvoCare protein shakes.

Next, I stopped by the Erickson Skin and Hair Care Center to get a dressier hat or scarf than my TriRochester hat. Then I went for lunch but I forgot my wallet so I had my mother drop it off. By the time she got there, all I had time before my next appointment for was Jimmy Johns.

At my next appointment was with the fertility clinic to talk through my options about having children after my therapy. They included in vitro fertilization including embryo or egg preservation or hormone induced menopause.

By the time I got home I was so tired that I decided to stay home and forget about my workout. So, my mother and I had a deep discussion about my chances of making her a “grandmother”.