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MP_do not give up



Today I made a call to get more pain medications since I only have 9 pills left, and I have this pain behind my left eye.  The reply I got was NO. My surgeon’s nurse stated, “our craniotomy patients never have this much pain from surgery.”  I told her I would make them last but then broke out into tears at the end of the call at the fear of being in pain. An hour had passed and I thought something must be wrong inside my head. So I called my surgeon’s secretary and asked to speak with the resident. He stated that the resident would call back. The nurse called back and told me that the team would recommend I go to the ER and get a CT scan. While at the ER, I get a CT scan and a CBC. I was later told the CBC was meaningless because my white cells would be elevated because of the Decadron (steroid) I took for cerebral edema but would be used as a baseline if I developed infection later. After my CT scan, I was told that I have areas of fluid pockets but this was normal after surgery. I got a different opinion on the pain medication from the neurosurgery resident that I talked to in the ER. He stated it is “normal” to have pain after a craniotomy this size. I left the ER, feeling like my pain was accepted and relieved to know that nothing serious was wrong. Also had a script for more oxy if I need it.  The resident also indicated that this could be a migraine type HA so I will try caffeine in the AM.