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On January 6, 2014 my neuro-oncologist and I decided to stop treatment for my brain cancer. Now I am officially in remission and have finished the marathon that is started last summer. I have been so busy in the last few months that I have not written a blog post.

I also have had a few viruses along the way too, that have zapped my energy.  The post radiation headaches continue and now I am on preventative medication which have reduced the number of severe headaches. Now I also wake up in the morning with numb and tingling upper extremities of unknown origin which improves as I am awake. I plan to see a chiropractor again and I also am having

At this moment, I have made several changes in my life to help me accomplish my goals. The recent Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia has increased my motivation. Though it would be a dream come true to participate in the Olympics those chances are slim. What I can do is take that Olympic training spirit and motivation into my training and cancer survivorship.

I have already signed up for a few races USAT National Championships and Med-City Marathon and have a pretty good idea of my event schedule for the year. One of the toughest decisions I had to make was to cut down on my coaching hours to accommodate training.  If I want to be a champion I have to put in the work. My nutrition is changing too and is another way to achieve my goals for survivorship and athletics. I have been reading about the role of nutrition in brain tumor survivorship. Maybe I will write a blog entry just on that.  In January, I joined the Cyclone Triathlon Team and l will be using their coaching starting in June. I have already started doing some swim training and bike training with the team. My longest run work out was last Friday with a 2.5 hour workout (2x (30 min of 2′ walk/3’run, 30 minutes Precor trainer) +30 min walk on treadmill at 15′ mile pace). The bike  trainer workouts are 1.25 hours including some intense intervals at race pace. The CrossFit Games Open starts next week but my CrossFit training is lacking. Overall, I have lots of expectations but I am willing to work hard to achieve my goals.

See you at the finish line,


MP_learn to fly

Today marks 6 months since my craniotomy. My head and incision finally feels like it is healed. I am not getting and stabbing and jolting pain like I use to get when I landed from jumping or running. I had a few severe headaches in the past few weeks but none this past week not even mild. Work around the home that I left to the side is finally getting done. I took the Passion Test last weekend and found out my passions in life. The results have given new meaning to my life.  Last week I began my applications to PhD school for Nursing.  My Med-city Marathon prep plan is written but I have been lacking consistency in my training. I must get better at this.

My mouth is healing well from my oral surgery and back to normal with eating. Life is getting better but I am still feeling lonely, scared, and a little worthless. The Holiday season is coming and so is my next MRI.  All I want for Christmas is to be healthy and have a friend. Thanksgiving is upon us. I am thankful for everyone’s support in getting me to this point.

PS. Been too busy with life to make more posts to this blog so this is what you get


US Soccer

US Soccer

Headache Saturday that continue to Sunday morning. Spent Saturday on the couch watching favorite sports on TV: soccer, swimming, cycling. Sunday eve shadow stroke/turn judge my first swim meet.

what a pain!

What a pain!

This morning I woke up at 5 am with another awful headache but this time it was on the right side. I thought, did I overdo it yesterday? Took caffeine, decongestant, Tylenol, and Oxycodone nothing relieved it. Nausea and dry heaves were present. Ginger EO did only lessened them. I give up!
Went back to bed and that is where I remained the majority of the day except for the home improvement guy coming over. I thought he was coming over at 10 AM but he came at 9 AM to fix my storm door and roof. He found that my roof had a dip and I needed my frame repaired. He opened up my attic and it began to snow insulation. The contractors that had done my insulation had not placed boards and a tent over my attic door. More problems. Luckily the work has a warranty.  What a pain!
Trying to get my chemo medication is another pain. I spent over ½ hour on the phone trying to figure how much it will cost and how to get it. Finally I hung up because my headache was so bad. What a pain!
The headache just kept getting worse the only thing that made it better was my Young Living essential oil Deep Relief blend that I use on my sore spots after a workout. Maybe I had increased intracranial pressure (ICP). Maybe I needed steroids like Decadron. The pain was so bad I began crying after 1 hour of crying and no resolve. I had my mother call my NO my NO’s nurse told me to call the surgeon and the surgeon’s nurse told me to go to the ER. There was no way in hell that I was going to wait in the ER in this much pain. I’d rather die. I knew to get over this I had to sleep. So I took a concoction of medications, AdovCare Sleep works (includes melatonin and 5 HT-P), and rolled on some Young Living Ruta Vala blend which includes lavender. The rest is history. I woke up at 3 AM the next morning with only a slight headache.

MP_do not give up



Today I made a call to get more pain medications since I only have 9 pills left, and I have this pain behind my left eye.  The reply I got was NO. My surgeon’s nurse stated, “our craniotomy patients never have this much pain from surgery.”  I told her I would make them last but then broke out into tears at the end of the call at the fear of being in pain. An hour had passed and I thought something must be wrong inside my head. So I called my surgeon’s secretary and asked to speak with the resident. He stated that the resident would call back. The nurse called back and told me that the team would recommend I go to the ER and get a CT scan. While at the ER, I get a CT scan and a CBC. I was later told the CBC was meaningless because my white cells would be elevated because of the Decadron (steroid) I took for cerebral edema but would be used as a baseline if I developed infection later. After my CT scan, I was told that I have areas of fluid pockets but this was normal after surgery. I got a different opinion on the pain medication from the neurosurgery resident that I talked to in the ER. He stated it is “normal” to have pain after a craniotomy this size. I left the ER, feeling like my pain was accepted and relieved to know that nothing serious was wrong. Also had a script for more oxy if I need it.  The resident also indicated that this could be a migraine type HA so I will try caffeine in the AM.



My new T-shirt


Finally back home in my own bed – my “sleep number” bed.  I get this stabbing pain behind my left eye when lie down even though I have the HOB up at 30 degrees. Pain medicine is not doing a thing for it. Now when one of my patients asks for Oxycodone and states that their pain is only a little bit better, I will believe them. Instructions for activity state no lifting >10 lbs for 6 weeks, no exercise other that walking on a flat surface or stairs.



100% given at 5K today

100% given at 5K today

Got off work and went to a 5K race in town called the Spring Fling. It was an all women race for ovarian cancer. My first 5K of the year and I admit I have not had that many runs this year. My longest being 3 miles of the 8 or so run workouts. My strategy was run the first mile hard to get a mile time and then hang on for the remainder. Got the best mile, 2 mile and 5K time since 2006. Love the 5K because it is short yet still has strategy. Slept, and woke up with the worst headache. I did not want to go to work but I had to. Headaches suck, especially if you know it is from a brain tumor.