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On January 6, 2014 my neuro-oncologist and I decided to stop treatment for my brain cancer. Now I am officially in remission and have finished the marathon that is started last summer. I have been so busy in the last few months that I have not written a blog post.

I also have had a few viruses along the way too, that have zapped my energy.  The post radiation headaches continue and now I am on preventative medication which have reduced the number of severe headaches. Now I also wake up in the morning with numb and tingling upper extremities of unknown origin which improves as I am awake. I plan to see a chiropractor again and I also am having

At this moment, I have made several changes in my life to help me accomplish my goals. The recent Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia has increased my motivation. Though it would be a dream come true to participate in the Olympics those chances are slim. What I can do is take that Olympic training spirit and motivation into my training and cancer survivorship.

I have already signed up for a few races USAT National Championships and Med-City Marathon and have a pretty good idea of my event schedule for the year. One of the toughest decisions I had to make was to cut down on my coaching hours to accommodate training.  If I want to be a champion I have to put in the work. My nutrition is changing too and is another way to achieve my goals for survivorship and athletics. I have been reading about the role of nutrition in brain tumor survivorship. Maybe I will write a blog entry just on that.  In January, I joined the Cyclone Triathlon Team and l will be using their coaching starting in June. I have already started doing some swim training and bike training with the team. My longest run work out was last Friday with a 2.5 hour workout (2x (30 min of 2′ walk/3’run, 30 minutes Precor trainer) +30 min walk on treadmill at 15′ mile pace). The bike  trainer workouts are 1.25 hours including some intense intervals at race pace. The CrossFit Games Open starts next week but my CrossFit training is lacking. Overall, I have lots of expectations but I am willing to work hard to achieve my goals.

See you at the finish line,



MP_cancer death

Yesterday I went to the gym to row 15 minutes and got to Olympic weightlifting skills class. I was stronger than last week so that was a positive.
I feel so alone. I have posted the picture “no one fights alone” but I feel like I am fighting alone. Everyone asks how they can help but the most I need is someone to understand what I am going through. I can not find someone who understands that I feel to whom I can share my fears and needs. I feel guilty asking people for help with chores. I felt guilty and took a hit from my employer when I asked for a 40 hour work week and no 16 hour shifts. I am hired for 32 hours/week. It took several notes from my doctor to get this restriction. Is alopecia from radiation and surgical scar not enough evidence. Do I really need to go on disability? People have offered to help but then when I ask for it I get turned down. Other people I met with this disease have caregivers to help but feel like I am all alone. No one to listen about my fears of uncertainty. Yes, I can workout, complete a scaled WOD but in the big scheme of things I feel alone, scared, weak, and frustrated. I am stuck in a moment that I can not get out of.


PS. If you have an answer on why I can’t upload new images from my desktop to Facebook and WordPress gallery please let me know. What is a blog with the same images?


May 24, 2013


OK, for this one I am resting. It is your turn doctors, nurses, and ancillary personal to get your workout….

Overall above average completion. Thank you to Dr. Parney and his team at Mayo Clinic who spent their day looking inside my head. To the nurses and staff on 8 Mary Brigh and 9 Mary Brigh who were awesome despite my IV infiltration. One note to PACU it is not fun to wake up and be in pain and not be able to breathe.

Great work! And I can still move all my extremities.

St. Marys