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I have completed  over 15  marathons, so I am comparing radiation to a marathon. I have 33 radiation treatments planned so I am counting down just as the miles in a marathon. Likewise, just as a the miles in a marathon, after each treatment I get a little more fatigued. Four days have passed on my “33 treatment marathon.”

Day 1: Honesty, I did not know what to expect. I knew I would have the radiation mask and be pinned to the table. As I laid on the table, I heard the machine moving and saw lights flashing behind my closed eyes. Went to hatha yoga but I knew my poses would be limited and no downward dog. Walked 15 minutes on the track at the RAC.

Day 2: Saw the radiation NP today. Finally got my blood tests ordered. Then radiation with Adele. When the  treatment was over I spoke with the radiation nurse educator. She said the lights flashing is common among people  getting radiation to the head. Sometimes people smell weird aromas. She said to use Aquaphor or a lotion like Vanicream on my skin in the radiation field to protect it from skin breakdown. WOD included 30 minute walk on RAC track plus stretching.

Day 3: Saw radiation social worker in AM and talked about advanced directives.  I think I have an infected ingrown toenail so I told me social worker and she brought in  my nurse. My nurse told me to go to primary care to get it looked at because it may get worse. I wanted to treat it myself. Appointment made for 3:10 PM.  Then off to Thursdays on 1st for lunch. For those outside of Rochester, Thursdays on First is a Summer weekly event with music, food vendors, and artists/crafts vendors. From 11 AM through the evening. Next off to radiation treatment. No Adele today just some soft background music. Done. I had 1.5 hours between this appointment and my next so I  sat down and worked on my advanced directives. I headed over to primary care for toe appointment, the NP confirmed it was an slightly infected L great ingrown toenail. Got an order for topical antibiotic and must soak foot 2x day for 30 minutes in Epsom salt. Went to RAC after appointment. WOD included walking 45 minutes and 15 minutes mobility.



Day 4: Woke up to thunderstorms. After the storms passed, went to Target in the morning to pick up some prescriptions. Then Panera for lunch. Home to Facebook. Next off to radiation. Home for the night. Time for lawn work. Taught my Mom how to mow my lawn and I picked weeds. Super tired. Stayed up to watch the weather because of risk for storms in Rochester and the storms that were in the TC metro. Went to bed at 10:45 but had to get up to take my chemo pills at 11:45. Up again in the basement at 2:30  with a severe thunderstorm warning. Next I noticed my basement was leaking water. Went back to bed after the storm passed and thought I’ll clean it up later, but my Mom helped a little. Time for the weekend.