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Grey is Important Too

Grey is Important Too

According to the Central Brain Tumor Registry  of the United States.

An estimated 14,930 deaths will be attributed to primary malignant brain and central nervous system tumors in the United States in 2013.

Five–year relative survival rates following diagnosis of a primary malignant brain and CNS (including lymphoma, leukemia, tumors of the pituitary and pineal glands,  and olfactory tumors of the nasal cavity) by age of diagnosis (1995-2010 data):

Age 0-19 years: 73.0% Age 55-64 years: 17.4%
Age 20-44 years: 58.1% Age 65-74 years: 10.2%
Age 45-54 years: 31.8% Age 75 or older: 5.8%

The following is the 5 year survival rates and expected mortality for breast cancer from the American Cancer Society

Total 40,000 deaths expected from breast cancer in 2014.


5-year Relative
Survival Rate












National Cancer Institute reports a 5 year survival of 33.4% for brain cancer versus a 89.2% survival for breast cancer between the years 2004-2010. Brain cancer is responsible for 2.4%  while breast cancer is responsible for 6.8% of all cancer deaths.


From the American Brain Tumor Association website:

Brain tumors are the:
second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in children (males and females) under age 20 (leukemia is the first).
second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in males ages 20-39 (leukemia is the first).
fifth leading cause of cancer-related deaths in females ages 20-39.


See the American Brain Tumor Association  website for more information on brain tumors and brain cancer.

Give the brain a thought.

Give the brain a thought.

Yes, pink is important too but without a brain, breasts are useless!

Most importantly!

BT_they all matter