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My motto for the next 8 weeks

My motto for the next 8 weeks

Today I did the WOD for the next Whole Life Challenge. Tired after a night shift,  I went to CrossFit Progression at 10 AM to complete the WLC WOD. The WLC is a lifestyle game that requires one to eat clean, my healthy lifestyle choices including exercise. One records their score for the day on a point system. One loses points for eating unhealthy items not on the accepted list. One gets a point for exercise, mobility, supplement, and completing each healthy lifestyle activity. The final score is based on points, improvement in body measurements, and WOD score improvement. One competes against others in their box (gym) and ultimately against oneself.   For more info on the Whole Life Challenge go to



CrossFit Progression and Whole Life Challenge

CrossFit Progression and Whole Life Challenge

10 minutes of
500 meter row
50 air squats (butt must touch med ball)
40 sit-ups (hands must touch heels)
30 walking lunges (knee must touch ground)
20 hand release push-ups (knee push-ups OK)
Row for calories to finish out 10 minutes (each calorie=1 rep)
My result=150

Next I went to the Rochester Athletic Club (RAC) and went 1x through my upper body strength circuit. Next I went to my first day of tennis lessons. I went with my $15 dollar racquet I got a few years ago at Wal-Mart. I found out that I was the only person in the class. Individual lessons-cool! The last time I played tennis was in one of my phy ed skills classes in college-a while ago. Learned forehand and backhand and how to put spin on the ball. The RAC is known for its tennis programs so I feel good about my choice. It was fun, but I still need a lot of work before I can play in a league.

My day ended as a soccer official (AR) for a girls varsity game. It was a good game to practice and improve my skills. Got a workout running up and down the sidelines. The hardest part of the game was driving the 20 miles back home in the dark, on a one lane highway, and with little sleep. It was, the longest I had driven since last December. Made it home safe. Do you think I slept well that night?

Instructions: take one WOD daily and as needed for weight loss, muscle toning, gaining strength, and energy

Instructions: take one WOD daily and as needed for weight loss, muscle toning, gaining strength, and energy

I will be posting each of my WOD’s and some statistics on my blog along with a motivational photo.  In addition the blog has a new domain name


Friday, June 7, 2013

My workout included 45 minutes around the Rochester Athletic Club (RAC) indoor track and 5-10# weight exercises.  Followed by stretching.  I spent the rest of the day reading and resting. Prior to my workout I had an appointment to get my “menopause” shot. The injection decreases the chances that my ovaries will be damaged by the chemo. My scabs are coming off from my incision with hair follicles so they look like little bugs. I would like to show a picture, but I figured that would gross some people out.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

My mother and I headed down to Rockford, IL to her house a 5 hour drive. Spent some time at her house then went to Stockholm Inn’s smorgasbord all you can eat Scandinavian buffet. Stuffed, went back to her house and read some book on brain tumors.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

My day started with Illinois Machine Shed restaurant for breakfast ended up taking ¾ of my meal home.  Then I went back to my mother’s house to do yard work. I spent time trimming bushes, trees, and pulling weeds to the best of my ability. Next I went to my Cousin’s house so my Mom could pick up her phone books which she had picked up from my Mother’s porch. We spent about an hour talking. Went home for a while and then I went to Linos Italian restaurant. Came home and finished the yard work. Started reading another book and finally went to bed.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Went to Stockholm Inn for lunch then headed back to Rochester, MN. When I got back there was a call to arrange the deliver y of my Temodar. So I called and had the delivery arranged for Wednesday.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Worked on my blog and went to the RAC for a workout. My workout is standard 45 minute walk on the indoor track and 5-10# weights. Today I added some 1 arm KB swings with a 9# KB. Stretch I keep reading how it is important to exercise while in treatment.  After my workout, I went to Home Depot to pick up some flowers to plant in my garden.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Today I went to visit with a pastor at my church which I abandoned when it abandoned me several years back. I consider myself Lutheran but that religion was only my upbringing. I am not Christian anymore. I consider myself agnostic and draw in bits from several different religions. At the meeting I was asked to come to the contemporary service, I guess I will give it a try.  After the meeting with the pastor at church, I went to the RAC for my WOD which was pretty much the same as yesterday. Today my right hamstring was tight for some reason. Went home to my chemo medication, that came via UPS. Then I planted my flowers with the help of my Mom. Stayed up late listening to Coast to Coast AM replays.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

It is time for another massage so I got one today.  Very relaxing. Then off to Target to get a coffee grinder and immersion blender for my Budwig diet. To Noodles for lunch then to the Peoples Co-op to get some food including flax oil, cottage cheese, flax seed,  salad greens and asparagus. Then to the RAC for my workout same old WOD except 50 minute walk today. Back home for some R&R.


Reminder to self

Today was the day I saw my neuro-oncologist (NO). I did not even sit down and I was called for the appointment. “He is ready for you,” was the reply I got from the medical assistant. The diagnosis is what I expected from the MRI. My NO said that I have grade III anaplastic astrocytoma. He stated that even though the surgeon the visible tumor, I would be required to have 6 weeks, 5 days per week, of radiation therapy.  Plus, I would be eligible for a chemotherapy trial as scientists are not sure if chemotherapy, Temozolomide/Temodar (TMZ), is effective for grade III glioma. As my NO continued to examine me, I told him that the caffeine was effective in relieving my headache. During the appointment he told me that I could contact a fertility doctor, for concerns about my desire to have children. I started asking him about the causes of the tumor, but he stated that there is nothing I did that caused it-just bad luck. He was very helpful in answering all my questions.

Once my NO left, a nurse entered the room with resources. She gave me a binder and a folder full of patient education material from the American Brain Tumor Association, Mayo Clinic, and American Cancer Association. The nurse reviewed it thoroughly with me. In addition, she urged me not to look online at survival times because as she stated tumor location, amount removed during surgery, individual’s health, plus a number of other factors determine survival. Then I told her about someone I knew who lived with a brain tumor for 15 years. I asked her if she heard of Johanna Olson. She shook her head and said yes.

Johanna Olson

Johanna Olson was my teammate when I joined the Luther College track team during my senior year. Johanna had won the 2000 NCAA cross country championships on the third anniversary of her first brain surgery. She also anchored the indoor distance medley team that won the national championship. She also ran in two Olympic marathon trials 2004 and 2008.

I had never run track before, but I was interested in another sport and I wanted to prepare for my future triathlons. Every day I looked out of the window from the cafeteria at the blue track and wanted to join the track team. I knew I was a good runner, but perhaps not championship quality. After swim season ended, I joined the track team. On my first warm-up with the distance squad I felt like I was racing. Johanna looked back and asked, “are you OK?”    Johanna was always concerned about her teammates and an inspiration to all.

After the nurse, came research study coordinator. She informed me about two studies. The first was a biobank study requiring me to donate a blood sample and fill out a questionnaire. I signed up for this one. The next was the chemotherapy trial, which I reserved signing for a later date.

Time to eat a good meal at Chesters. I ate salmon, cranberry-walnut salad, brie cheese curds, and strawberry shortcake.

During the evening, I went to the Rochester Athletic Club to walk on the track and for a book signing. The book that was being signed was, Determined to Matter, by Jen Ohara. Jen’s book shares the blog that she wrote and their journey with their teenage daughter’s battle with a brain tumor. As I approached the signing table, I wanted to tell them about my diagnosis but I did not. Little did they know, the woman standing in front of them was told she had brain cancer earlier that day.  I highly recommend reading the book and proceeds go to brain tumor research scholarships.

My workout of the day (WOD) consisted of a 5 lap walk around the track.  During this time, I wished I could be lifting weights like everyone on the fitness floor. I remind myself I will be soon.