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"Care of being"

“Care of being”

Today I got up and went to the Rochester Area Cancer Survivors’ event. When I heard about the event and signed up I asked, “Is it Ok to go since I just was given the diagnosis yesterday.” Yes, she replied, you are still a cancer survivor. Brought my mother along. After I registered I went to the hand massage table staffed by Mayo volunteers. Got a great hand massage. I found out that they do these massages to patients while they are waiting for radiation treatments.  We sat at a table with three breast cancer survivors. We talked about treatment and life.
After the meal, we did some chair yoga, listened to a talk about self-care from a Mayo clinical nurse specialist, found out who was the youngest, oldest, and youngest survivor, and listened to survivor stories. The talk about self-care was beneficial although long I learned I need to focus on at least one letter of the alphabet, A-Z, each day. For example “H” is for “hug often”.  At the end they gave all survivors a starter tree to plant. The event was motivational, I WILL attend again next year.
After the event, my Mother and I went to Menards to pick up some plants and flowers for my garden. My garden will not be extensive as it was last year, but it will be good.