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MP_challengeWLC Challenge results:
I am finally done with the Whole Life Challenge. Although, I would of placed higher if I would have logged my daily score more often and did not give up for two days. Also there were for days where I recorded my score and it did not register I probably should have had 40 more points. It was a good experience but I do not think I will do it again or do it but ignore the food. I can eat healthy but not clean. I workout, take fish oil, and stretch every day. The final workout might have been better if I did not have an infection. I felt like I was going to vomit at the end. Well the inches around my waist are the lowest since 2009 so I am doing something right. Lost over 7 inches total. I cannot contribute it all to It Works body wraps.

20 (65) Dawn Johnson   
CrossFit Progression 150 174 24 16% (1)            7.25 8% (4) 395 (30)

Led the gym in workout improvement. I was going to not do the workout because I thought I would score less than the pre challenge workout but I ended up scoring 24 reps more and probably could of had more without technical difficulties in my rowing machine.

New workout schedule:
I am working on a new 14 day workout schedule to accommodate my work hours and spring athletic goals.

Chemo on hold:
My chemo is on hold for a few weeks so I can have surgery to remove an infection in my jaw next to a tooth. I do not know how I got it nor does the Dr. because my tooth is completely intact and cavity free. The infection may have been introduced with flossing then combined with steroids and low normal blood counts increased where the bacteria is eating away my jaw. This came as a shocker because I went to the dentist for tooth pain that started to radiate to my ear three days prior.

Bumps in the road and life could be better; however, I have to remember to be thankful for what I have. The challenges in life make us stronger.